NOBY (Demo)

2015-07-15 14:20:05 by Dark06Star

Hello there everyone, I haven't been updating things here in a while now, and that's because for the past few months I have been working with 'Unwonted Studios' on making the visual novel 'No One But You' . And if you like my work, I know would love this as well. The demo was released today, and you could try it out right here.


We are working hard to make this awesome visual novel, I really hope you enjoy it ^^

I just finished working on the game today. I still need to polish it and make sure everything is in place... Also add the music and it will be ready. Stay tuned for the release soon :P4244929_142300070051_TitleScreen.png

Game Progress

2014-08-22 17:20:03 by Dark06Star

Thought I'd give a bit information about the game's progress (Still didn't come up with a name for it.. so there's something). I am on vacation right now so things are a bit slow. I still work on it when I have time ^^;;. I am going back home next week so things will be a lot faster then... 


And that's it ^^;;

Game Progress

Nana ~ After World

2014-05-03 17:32:50 by Dark06Star

Just finished making the ending for "Nana ~ After World. That means that I finished making both games, and going to jump to the polishing process now… I hope it doesn’t take too long. I’ll try my best to finish it as fast as possible ^^;;

I am looking forward to releasing these games. Because I discovered that making two games at the same time isn’t really that easy heh ^^;;

Aria ~After World.

2014-04-05 05:20:10 by Dark06Star

I finally got to the ending of the first sequel for Remember Death, which is porbably going to be named (Aria ~After world) but the name could change. Who knows ^^;;


I will start working on the second sequel when I am done with this one... The games are taking more time that I expected, so hopefully I will release them by then end of April, or mid May ^^;;

Beyond Darkness

2014-01-19 12:49:52 by Dark06Star

Just finished making my new game.... Welll sort of.. Now it's time to start polishing it (And that's the hard part lol) I hope it doesn't take too much time ^^''


2013-09-23 15:00:57 by Dark06Star

Still working on my new game... I hope I get it finished in October O: