Entry #7

NOBY (Demo)

2015-07-15 14:20:05 by Dark06Star

Hello there everyone, I haven't been updating things here in a while now, and that's because for the past few months I have been working with 'Unwonted Studios' on making the visual novel 'No One But You' . And if you like my work, I know would love this as well. The demo was released today, and you could try it out right here.




We are working hard to make this awesome visual novel, I really hope you enjoy it ^^


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2015-11-16 16:32:12

you are a good person


2015-12-25 13:01:54

Hope it goes well


2017-08-26 13:35:39

2 years have passed since "It's a Beautiful World" was released? Damn, time sure does fly..